The Peacock Rx System is a subscription-based platform for pharmacies.

All hosting, bandwidth, and technical details of managing servers, app memberships, security, etc, are all handled for you!



Patients who visit the site or use the mobile apps are able to request refills, transfer prescriptions, and view store news and information, all from a secure interface that is fully HIPAA-compliant.



Participating pharmacies are able to check refill and transfer requests, and send text messages back to patients, informing them that their medicine is ready for pickup (as an optional add-on).

Please view the Live Demo for a sample site, and follow the links on that page to download sample versions of the app.  

  • Send TXT messages to patients informing that medicine is ready for pickup (optional add-on)
  • The slideshow images may use the included stock images, or any images your upload.
  • The content below the slideshow is fully editable (including the large quote text, and the content blocks from left and right).
  • The "Our Pharmacy" page is fully editable and is automatically downloaded to the apps.
  • The "Store News" blog posts are fully editable and the most recent 5 are automatically downloaded to the apps.
  • The "Location" page lets the user lookup directions to your store, and the content under the map is fully editable.
  • Your own store's logo and graphics can be incorporated into the site and apps.

If you are interested, please visit the Contact link today!